Keywords: sowing, sowing complex, tractor, machine unit, movement patterns, turning patterns


One of the characteristic trends in the development of world engineering in the field of grain production is the further increase in productivity and the improvement of the technical level of equipment. The market of agricultural machinery is characterized by a variety of manufacturers of planters and sowing complexes, which differ in productivity and quality. An important factor is their price and cost of maintenance. In addition, the presence of service centers attracts considerable attention. Agricultural producers are faced with a difficult and difficult choice between expensive high-performance machines or cheaper and less productive ones. After all, in the conditions of modern agricultural production, sowing equipment, which is mostly highly productive and expensive, brings different profits in farms of different sizes, is used differently throughout the year, and therefore has a different economic effect. The use of different movement schemes in sowing complexes can have a significant impact on the results of sowing operations. Depending on specific conditions and requirements, different traffic schemes can be used. Each of these schemes has its advantages and disadvantages, and their choice affects the quality and efficiency of sowing operations. However, understanding the kinematic parameters of the sowing complex and their dependence on movement patterns is a difficult task. For this, it is necessary to conduct research, measure various movement parameters and analyze the obtained data. This requires the use of mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and optimization methods. The proposed article presents methodical approaches to determining the kinematic indicators of domestically produced seeding complex depending on the movement patterns and field parameters. The obtained results of the research will contribute to the improvement of the efficiency of sowing operations and the reduction of resource costs. The work uses methods of mathematical modeling and analysis, in particular the theory of movement of mechanisms, the theory of optimization and statistical data analysis. Experiments are conducted to measure the kinematic parameters of the sowing complex for various movement schemes and field parameters. Mathematical models are built on the basis of the obtained data, which allow predicting the kinematic parameters of the sowing complex for various conditions. Therefore, this article is devoted to the study and mathematical modeling of the relationship between the movement of the sowing complex, movement patterns and field parameters. It is expected that the obtained research results will contribute to the improvement of agricultural processes and ensure optimal conditions for growing plants.


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Barabash, G. I., & Sarzhanov, B. O. (2023). MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF THE DEPENDENCE OF THE KINEMATIC PARAMETERS OF THE SOWING COMPLEX ON THE MOTION SCHEMES AND FIELD PARAMETERS. Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University. The Series: Mechanization and Automation of Production Processes, (2 (52), 8-12.

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