Keywords: breakfast cereals, candied carrots, oat flakes, corn flakes, osmotic dehydration, derivative products, dietary fiber, mass fraction of sucrose, mass fraction of moisture


Dry breakfasts occupy an important niche in the Ukrainian and global consumer markets. A feature of these products is the speed of preparation, good taste and aroma properties and high energy value. Typically, dietary fiber supplements are added to breakfast cereals. Dietary fiber is found in large quantities in vegetables. Despite the wide range of this type of product, there are no dry breakfasts, which include vegetables. However, it is known that vegetables, in particular carrots (Daucus caróta), are very beneficial for the body. The purpose of this study is to develop dry breakfasts based on derivatives of carrot processing. A method for the manufacture of candied carrots is presented, which involves processing chopped pieces of carrots with a sugar solution with a mass fraction of sucrose 70% (hydromodulus – 1) for 2 hours at a temperature of 50±2°C. During osmotic dehydration of carrots in derivative products (candied fruit and osmotic solution), its color, taste and aroma are preserved, moisture is partially removed. Due to this, energy consumption for the drying process of candied fruits is reduced. Physico-chemical indicators of the quality of candied carrots (mass fraction of moisture, sucrose, content of crude fiber) were studied. Known standard methods were used (DSTU 8004:2015, DSTU 4954:2008, DSTU ISO 5498:2004). It is established that in all respects they meet the requirements of the standard. Can be used as an additive for enrichment with dietary fiber products. The content of crude fiber in candied carrots is 2.8%. Recipes for dry breakfasts based on oatmeal, corn flakes and candied carrots have been developed. It is recommended that the solution separated from carrot particles after osmotic dehydration be used for glazing corn flakes. Dry breakfasts made according to the developed recipes had good sensory quality indicators.


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