Influence of a feed additive of organic origin on the sexual activity of rams

Keywords: breeding rams, reproductive capacity, feed additive, amaranth, ejaculate volume, sperm production, rheotaxis, sperm concentration.


Organization of balanced feeding that meets the needs of producers in nutrients and vitamins, with a certain physiological state and level of performance, is one of the main factors in the process of ensuring complete spermatogenesis and quality indicators of sperm. Due to the fact that for many reasons protein deficiency is observed in feed rations (prices, feed quality, competition), the provision of a sufficient amount of protein in it is one of the main conditions for obtaining high-quality sperm production. The results of studies of the influence of the feed additive "Befito" of organic origin on the reproductive capacity and quality of sperm production of sheep of the Pridneprovskaya meat breed are presented. It was found that the use of the feed additive "Befito" in the diets provides an improvement in the process of spermatogenesis and affects the increase in quantitative and improvement in the quality indicators of sperm production. The level of time for receiving one ejaculate from manufacturers is 9.1-10.8 s, which indicates their high sexual activity and potency. The volume of the obtained ejaculate from the rams of the research group by 11.7 %, the activity of spermatozoa by 3.7 %, the concentration of spermatozoa in the ejaculate is 13.9 % higher than that of the control analogues. The advantage of the producers of the research group is observed in the total number of sperm in the ejaculate and is + 27.3 %. At the same time, teratogenicity of germ cells is not observed. The level of pathological sperm forms in the ejaculate is within the physiological norm (< 14 %).Considering the average volume of ejaculate from the rams of the research group, 15.8 sperm doses were received per head versus 14.2 in the control, which is 11.3 % more. The results obtained allow us to consider it expedient to use the feed additive "Befito" to improve the process of spermatogenesis and the quality of sperm and recommend it as the most effective.


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