Keywords: digital twin, machine vision, 3D scanning and reconstruction, 3D point cloud registration.


Measurement is an important means for humans to understand and transform the world, and it is the technological foundation for breaking through the forefront of science and solving major problems in economic and social development. The three-dimensional measurement system serves primary national needs, leads national economic development, and ensures national defense security. With the arrival of a new industrial revolution, major industrial countries worldwide have begun to accelerate the strategic deployment of intelligent manufacturing. As an essential component of the construction of smart factories and lighthouse factories, the 3D measurement system will play a vital role in deepening the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy and promoting the high-end, intelligent, and green manufacturing process. In recent years, optical 3D measurement technology represented by surface structured light has developed rapidly and has been widely applied in multiple material processing fields such as forging, casting, and sheet metal. To analyze the manufacturing accuracy of complex parts using surface structured light 3D measurement technology, it is necessary to first scan and reconstruct the overall 3D surface of the part. The reconstructed 3D point cloud data of the part surface should be roughly and precisely matched with the design model. Finally, based on this, data comparison and accuracy analysis should be carried out according to the actual detection requirements of different types of parts. In this process, the accuracy of 3D reconstruction of complex parts and the alignment accuracy between the reconstruction results and the design model directly determine the reliability and accuracy of the final part manufacturing and machining accuracy analysis. This article uses cases to illustrate the application of machine vision in 3D online measurement. The application of three-dimensional measurement technology in online quality inspection and grinding of blades can not only improve the measurement accuracy of online quality inspection of blades but also maintain the relative stability of robot grinding force and improve the grinding effect in robot grinding of aircraft engine blades. Applied to online quality inspection of train wheel hubs, three-dimensional measurement of train wheel adapters and high-speed train wheel size online inspection has been achieved.


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