Keywords: plow sole, viscoelastic layer, Kelvin model, relative slip, rolling friction


Detection and removal of the plow sole is an important task. Modern contactless scanners are not available for most farms due to the high price, and our device will allow small farms to investigate soil compaction and take the necessary measures to loosen it. The peculiarity of the device we are developing is that its working body (disk or sphere) penetrates into the soil to a small depth. The aim of this study is, within the framework of the used model of the viscoelastic layer, to obtain the force factors of the impact on the cylinder, ensuring its uniform rolling when penetrating into the uncompacted viscoelastic soil layer. This work solves the problem of rolling an absolutely rigid cylinder on a viscoelastic layer of uncompacted soil, interlocked with a non-deformable half-plane that simulates a plow sole, in the presence of adhesion and slippage zones in the contact area. When formulating the problem, the com-pliance of the cylinder and half-plane is not taken into account, and to describe the properties of the soil layer, the Kelvin model is used, which has a limited viscoelastic creep.


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Zubko, V. M., Zhyhylii, D. O., Sokolik, S. P., & Rudenko, V. A. (2022). MODELING THE ROLLING OF A RIGID CYLINDER ON THE SOIL SURFACE. Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University. The Series: Mechanization and Automation of Production Processes, (2 (44), 8-12.