Keywords: turbo-pump unit, centrifugal pump, pump rotor, throat seal, fluid flow, fluid pressure, fluid pressure, hydrodynamic forces


Powerful energy machines with an internal hydraulic drive in the form of a multistage turbine and a pumping section with a developed system of automatic axial force unloading are turbo-pumping units of formation fluid. At the same time, the economic fea-sibility of their operation requires the achievement of a high efficiency factor (efficiency), the main component of which is created by the maximum possible external volumetric efficiency by designing a statically stable axial automatic unloading system with the lowest possible flow rate of the working fluid. The transportation of liquid to the place of consumption is accompanied by losses of energy of the liquid, which are caused by both internal and external factors of this process. External mechanical losses account for a significant part of these losses. These losses are proportional to the third power of the TNA rotor speed. Real values of rotation frequencies reach ten thousand revolutions per minute, therefore external mechanical losses can reach tens of kilowatts. Its energy contribution to the value of the overall efficiency gives both the pumping and turbine parts of the unit. Calculation of the overall efficiency It is advisable to carry out TNA by the method of successive approximations with the fulfillment of the necessary condition for the balance of the capacities of the turbine and pumping parts, taking into account external energy losses.


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