Keywords: silo pipeline, curved axis, velocity of particle movement, differential equation, arc length


After crushing the green mass with a cutting drum in forage harvesters, it must be loaded into a vehicle. A silo pipeline of forage harvesters provides the required trajectory of the crushed mass from the drum to the vehicle. The trajectory of particle movement is determined by the shape of a flat curve – the axis of the silo pipeline. The shape of its axis affects the transportation process. The main characteristic on which this process depends is the dependence of the curvature on the length of the arc of the axis. With constant curvature, the axis is the arc of a circle. However, this shape of the axis may not satisfy the design requirements, since the height of the silo pipeline will be too high during transporting mass over a considerable distance. It is possible to control the shape of the axis using the specified dependence of the curvature on the length of the axis. The curvature should change smoothly from the minimum value to the maximum and then should decrease. It prevents material from sticking when it meets the silo pipeline. In addition, by specifying the law of change of curvature from the length of the axis, it is possible to give the desired shape of the silo pipeline. Different approaches are used for the analytical description of the transportation of technological material, which consists of individual particles. It can be explained by the complexity of the processes that occur when particles interact with each other. Therefore, the transportation of a single particle is often considered, the movement of which can be described analytically. The resulting dependencies can in a certain way be transferred to the technological material. This research analytically shows the importance of the regularity of changes in the curvature of the axis of the silo pipeline or the trajectory of particle movement. A differential equation of the movement of a single particle on the surface of the silo pipeline has been formulated. It is shown that for an axis in the form of a circle, the differential equation has an analytical solution, for other cases numerical methods should be used. A comparative analysis of the process of transporting the crushed mass in silo pipelines with different axis shapes was made. Solutions of differential equations are accompanied by corresponding graphical illustrations.


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Volina, T., Nesvidomin, V., Babka, V., Hryshchenko, I. Y., & Kremets, Y. S. (2023). CURVE AXIS OF A SILO PIPELINE FOR TRANSPORTATION OF A CRUSHED MATERIAL. Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University. The Series: Mechanization and Automation of Production Processes, (3 (53), 20-25.