Synoviocytogram of horses under conditions of the aseptic arthritis treatment

Keywords: Key words: horses, synovial fluid, aseptic arthritis, erythrocytes, leukocytes, synoviocytogram.


The article describes the efficiency of aseptic arthritis treatment in horses by means of tiotriazolini and dexamethasone. To substantiate the therapeutic effectiveness of the selected drugs, the research was conducted on 12, 18, 24-month horses in the dynamics of aseptic arthritis development and the disease course. The results of the research indicate that the injection of solutions of tiotriazolini and polyvinylpyrolidone intraarterially to prevent the clinical inflammation signs contributed for the improvement of the animals’ general condition after the 3rd injection. The synoviocytogram was already characterized by positive shifts on the 10th day after the second injection of dexamethasone novocaine-based solution with the addition of laevomycetin, which proves the advisability of treating horses of different age groups with aseptic arthritis by means of  tiotriazolin and dexamethasone.


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Kambur, M., Zamaziy, A., Kalashnyk, O., Livoschenko, E., Plyuta, L., & Kovalenko, L. (2020). Synoviocytogram of horses under conditions of the aseptic arthritis treatment. Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University. The Series: Veterinary Medicine, (2 (49), 9-15.