Keywords: tractor, traction-energy indicators, field operation, weight distribution, test cycles, PowerMix, simulation modeling.


In the conditions of deterioration of the environment due to emissions and reduction of fossil fuel reserves in various industrial sectors, the transfer of funds to alternative clean energy is a promising way. This development encourages the modernization of not only automotive, but also other specialized equipment, in particular, wheeled tractors. In agriculture, tractors of various traction classes are used for traction and transport work. Today, the introduction of an electric drive on tractors of small traction classes, which are intended for inter-row processing of row crops, plowing light soils in gardens and greenhouses, for working with a mower, as well as for small transport works, is relevant today. Such implementation is implemented by replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric drive, in connection with this, the task of observing the traction properties of the tractor arises. Therefore, the material of this article aims to numerically analyze the influence of the weight distribution of the minitractor on its traction and energy indicators. The implementation of the outlined goal takes place at the expense of a simulated numerical experiment of traction test cycles. When solving the goal, the German Agricultural Society DLG-PowerMix dynamic testing method is used, which includes 12 stages of testing an agricultural tractor in field operations under varied external loads. The result is a justified selection of the conditional distribution of the total weight of the minitractor with observance of the maximum average values of the speed of movement and efficiency of the tractor, as well as the minimum average value of skidding, as those that should be implemented in an electric tractor. The practical significance of the work consists in providing specific values of weight distribution on the axis of the minitractor when aggregating with a plow, a cultivator, a rotary cutter and a hay mower, as well as taking into account the operation of a manure spreader and a hay baler. The scientific novelty of the work is the establishment of the relationship between the design parameters of the minitractor and the change in traction and energy indicators during the execution of technological works, namely between the weight distribution of the tractor and the speed of movement, tractor efficiency and wheel slippage.


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