Copyright and Privacy Statement

Authors who submit articles for publication will ensure that the materials do not infringe any copyrights of other authors or organizations and will indemnify the publisher for any violation of such a guarantee.

The editorial board of the journal “Bulletin of SNAU. The series: Mechanization and Automation of Production Processes” are strongly committed to maintain trustful relations with all the authors and the reviewers. Therefore, we declare confidentiality in the process of revising and reviewing articles.

Basic aspects of editorial privacy policy:

Editors that are in direct communication with the authors are responsible for keeping all personal data confidential.

The authors that submit their manuscripts for consideration to the editorial board give permission to the processing of personal information. In own turn the editorial board guarantees that these data will not be used in any other than editorial activity, in particular, will not be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes or used in the field of scientific research without the author’s permission.

In the case of the investigation of plagiarism and / or other misconduct, the editorial board may be compelled to share personal information, as it is expected to be fully cooperative and contribute to the investigation.

The author's work affiliation and e-mail contacts are published on the first page of each article and are considered as part of open-access information. If any author would not like to publish their email address, they must inform the editorial board in advance (during the submission of the material or in the process of consideration, before the publication of the materials).

Since author's work affiliation is an integral part of the articles indexation in the international databases and electronic libraries, this information should be considered as open-access data. Authors should be interested in publishing it.

If any person or organization receives an email from the editorial board due to a technical or human error, we ask them to inform the editorial board as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the collection and storage of personal data, if you want to have all your personal data removed from our internal database, please contact our editorial board.