Physics in technology: forces of inertia and their manifestation

Keywords: inertial reference frames, non-inertial reference frames, inertial forces, Einstein's equivalence principle, d'Alembert principle.


The forces of inertia play a very important role in modern technology, which is characterized by high speeds and accelerations.
Usually, when moving at a constant speed, we do not notice the forces of inertia, since they are absent, but they manifest themselves
in those cases when there is movement with acceleration. The introduction of inertial forces makes it possible to describe the motion
of bodies in any (both inertial and non-inertial) frames of reference using the same equations of motion, in which, in addition to the
"ordinary force", inertial forces are also presented that do not occur in inertial frames. Inertial forces include: the force of inertia, which
arises due to the acceleration of the translational motion of the considered frame of reference relative to inertial frames of reference;
the force of inertia due to the variability of the angular velocity of rotation in time; Coriolis force and centrifugal inertia force. It should
be noted that the forces of inertia cannot be placed on a par with such forces as elastic, gravitational and frictional forces, i.e. forces
due to the impact on the body from other bodies. The forces of inertia are determined by the properties of the frame of reference in
which mechanical phenomena are considered. In this sense, they can be called fictitious forces. The manifestation of inertial forces
on Earth plays a crucial role, both in the construction of the physical picture of the world, and in the life of the inhabitants of our planet
themselves. From the work done, it becomes clear that the forces of inertia should not be ignored, they must be taken into account in
various fields of activity. The beneficial action of inertial forces, especially centrifugal forces, is used in the operation of many machines.
Centrifugal fans, pumps, turbochargers, regulators, separators and other mechanisms work on this principle. Centrifugal forces improve
the manufacturing quality of certain types of products and simplify many technological processes. Examples include the widespread
method of centrifugal casting, processes for the manufacture of reinforced concrete pipes, fittings and other products.


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