Keywords: monitoring, veterinary drugs, sampling, poultry products


Monitoring of residues of veterinary drugs in poultry products is carried out with the aimcontrol of pollutants that may appear in food products as a result of the use of medicines during poultry farming. Control of pollutant residues is carried out on the basis of approved monitoring plans through sampling, testing and reporting of research results. Samples are collected and processed annually as part of monitoring procedures aimed at the statistical determination of the presence of residues of pollutants and veterinary drugs, including antibiotics, in food products. This issue is especially relevant in the context of sanitary compliancesafety rules under international trade in foodstuffs of animal origin. Data are given on the results of planned measures to control safety indicators in poultry products during 2020–2022. In the course of the research, an analysis of normative documents was carried out, which regulate the procedure for taking samples for the purpose of researching the remains of pollutants and residues of veterinary drugs in poultry meat and offal, as well as the frequency of control measures. It was established that the selection and inspection of samples is carried out in accordance with the current requirements for the implementation of annual state monitoring plans for residues of veterinary drugs and pollutants in live animals and unprocessed food products of animal origin. Based on the analysis of the work carried out it is established that during the period 2020–2022, 26 samples of poultry meat and 45 samples of livers were taken. According to the analysis of research results during the reporting period, no residues of veterinary drugs and pollutants exceeding the MDR were found in the investigated samples. Conducting planned monitoring studies ensures timely detection of dangerous products, ensures the appropriate level of protection of consumers' rights to high-quality and safe food products and the implementation of international trade in food products in compliance with current domestic and international requirements regarding the safety of products of animal origin, and in particular poultry meat. The relevance of the work carried out in the Sumy region over three years in the aspect of the implementation of the national program for monitoring residues of veterinary drugs and pollutants in poultry products was analyzed.


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