Influence of vaccination of cows against anthrax on the artificial insemination results

Keywords: fertility rate, artificial insemination, vaccination against anthrax, economic loss


Fertility rate is one of the markers of the effectiveness of the livestock industry, but the successful formation and fixation of the zygote in the mucous membrane of the uterus can be hindered by various inflammatory processes. Immunological reactions of the postvaccination complex can also affect fertility.

Previous observations of the fertility status of cows on the farm indicated a significant decrease in this indicator just after vaccination against anthrax. The results of the studies presented in the article show a significant decrease in fertility. In our opinion, this is due to the immunological processes in the body of vaccinated cows that were inseminated. That is, the immune system stimulated during vaccination is not able to inhibit its work in the genital tract, and therefore prevents the attachment of the successfully formed during fertilization zygote to the uterine mucosa, which eventually ends in infertility and the onset of re-libido.

The results suggest that vaccination of animals against anthrax and especially the period of active formation of post-vaccine specific immunity reduces reproduction rates in cows: fertility rates decreased by 16.2% during the first week after vaccination and by 50% during the second compared with animals that inseminated before vaccination It was found that in cows that were inseminated during the immunological load, there was an increase in the duration of infertility - by 12.7% and 38.6%, respectively. The economic loss from calves in the group of cows inseminated immediately after vaccination was 2.7 times greater, and in the group of cows inseminated in the second week after vaccination - respectively 3.5 times higher than in cows inseminated before vaccination. Losses from milk shortage in these groups increased by 7.6% and 38.4%, respectively.


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