Relative motion of the corpuscle along the rectilinear vane on the centrifugal means

Keywords: acceleration vector, applied forces, absolute trajectory, differential equations, trihedron and Frenet formulas, radially fixed blades, friction, independent variable, material particle, horizontal disk, centrifugal apparatus


The theory of complex motion of a point is a clear and complete form given in all textbooks on theoretical mechanics. It is
based on the fact that the movement point studied simultaneously with respect to two coordinate systems. One of them (main) taken
as fixed, and the other carries against the immovable relative movement of a given law. In turn, in the moving frame carries the relative
motion of a point. The sum of these movements (relative and portable) is the absolute motion of a point in relation to the basic coordinate system. As portable and relative movements dependencies defined as a function of time.

There is also a natural way to setting motion of a point at which the speed and acceleration seen in projections to cover orty
three-edge trajectory (Frenet formulas). However, the available literature, we could not be used Frenet formulas as moving coordinate
system, which provides the relative motion of a point. The development of the theory of complex motion of a point in the horizontal
plane using Frenet formulas devoted to this article.

The article shows two ways of law relative motion of particles along a rectilinear blade for a centrifugal machine. Problems are solved with the help of the two coordinate systems - movable and immovable. At the same time moving coordinate system can take cover three-edge trajectory portable motion. In this case it is very simple absolute acceleration vector projections on orty three-edge using formulas Freinet. Differential equations of motion also consist of projections on orty three-edge unlike traditional approaches. In article two ways to solve the problem of kinematics parameters relative motion of the particles along straight radial fixed blades cen-trifugal device, which is a horizontal disc rotating around a vertical axis.



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