Keywords: combined unit, row crops, sowing, productivity, aggregation, speed


The article considers the issue of completing the combined unit for sowing row crops and considers the performance of indi-vidual units that create the combined. The use of combined tillage and seeding units for the simultaneous performance of several operations allows to improve the quality of work, ensures the friendliness of the stairs and reduces the cost of operations. The calculations confirmed the possibility of completing the unit with a width of 8.1 additional unit for fertilizer application. This will reduce the cost of sowing sugar beets. The calculations of the combined unit confirmed that with careful selection of machines in the unit, its performance will be the same for all single-operation machines. That is, the statement that one of the units will reduce the performance of another is somewhat far-fetched. It is clear that there are other types of combined units in which not everything is so clear, but it can be argued that selecting machines in the unit, it is possible to perform a series of sequential operations without reducing the productivity of each.


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