Keywords: aluminum, copper, composite, electron beam, electron microscopy


A method for obtaining an aluminum-copper compound is proposed, which consists in the simultaneous irradiation of aluminum and copper plates with a pulse of a high-power electron beam. As a result, the aluminum material sprayed by the beam is deposited on the surface of the copper substrate, which is also activated by the electron beam. The coating has areas of greater and lesser penetration of aluminum into copper. A numerical estimate of the temperature distribution and displacement fields of the copper sub-strate material is made. Metallographic researches, energy dispersion analysis and fractographic researches are carried out. The conclusion about expediency of development of such approach for practical applications is made.


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Donets, S. Y., Lytvynenko, V. V., Lonin, Y. F., & Ponomarev, A. G. (2022). THE ELECTRON BEAM METHOD FOR FORMATION OF THE ALUMINUM-COPPER JOINTS. Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University. The Series: Mechanization and Automation of Production Processes, (2 (44), 3-7.